About Us

Whether individual carbon brushes, brush holders complete with brushes or highly complex ready to install modules - We have a wide variety of components for electric motors. Examples are: industrial motors, traction motors, tachometers, slip rings, large and small household appliances, power tools and gardening equipment, and automobile electric motors.

 Our strength lies in its ability to offer solutions to complex problems and demanding applications by selecting and matching products and materials to meet your specific requirements.
We also have carbon for all mechanical applications, whether it be seals, bushes or thrust bearings, supplies of tungsten carbide rotary or stationary seals and inserts.
Carbon Technologies Ltd provides top quality carbon products to industrial suppliers, hardware stores, manufacturers, plant maintenance managers. If you are interested in purchasing our products as a retail customer, please contact our sales department and we will furnish you with the companies in your area who carry our brushes.


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